Dozier Elementary Teacher is a Class Act

"We just kind of have to adapt to the children and their special needs to see how we can best reach them," says Maudis Jowers. She's been teaching for more than two decades. The last 16 years have been at Dozier Elementary; where she teaches fourth grade English and math.

Student Tabitha Bradshaw says, Jowers has helped make math her favorite subject. Now Bradshaw is, "using calculators, pencils and paper and mental math," she says.

Jowers incorporates art every chance she can to help students better understand their academic subjects and to expand their horizons. 4th grader Charles Johnson says, "I haven't heard of Picasso. I've heard of Leonardo da Vinci. But I haven't heard of Picasso; so learning different artists is cool."

Jowers says, "I think it tends to make them (students) think and look more critically at such things as paintings and just the world around them, to recognize shapes and just everyday objects." Jowers is also the faculty sponsor of Dozier's postal service; a school wide letter delivery system, complete with a postmaster and carriers that gets kids to write.

Principal Cynthia McKenzie says, "our children write to each other. Sixth grade writes to the lower grades and the more we write, the better writing skills we have."

Jowers is also active on committees that are working on Dozier's school improvement plan and accreditation report.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell