Fans React To Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville's Resignation

Reporter: Bryan Henry

AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - From Momma Goldbergs where newspaper clippings of the coach are all over the walls in the diner to a car dealership.

"Tommy is a good coach and good man," said Don DeMent, owner of Momma Goldbergs.

"I don't know if they can find a better coach," said Tony Hudgins, an Auburn businessman.

"I don't like it," said Joel Olson, a freshman at Auburn University.

No one is happy about Tommy Tuberville's resignation. In fact, not one person WSFA 12 News talked with thought Tuberville simply resigned, despite the fact Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs indicated he wanted Tuberville to stay.

Reporter: "Jay.. if Tuberville had not resigned would he still be the coach next year?"

"Absolutely," said Jacobs.

Regardless of whether fans believe the coach quit on his own, at least one person thought a change was needed. Bradley Moon felt maybe Tuberville had lost the fire.

"I think we need someone like Will Muschamp who can energize the players. That's what the fans and football players want," said Moon.

At the Auburn athletic complex, we found Ellison Langford staging a one-woman protest.

"We all liked Coach Tuberville. He was a good coach," said Langford who believes the coach was fired but admitted her conclusions were based on rumors.

A record of 85 and 40 including an undefeated season in 2004, Tommy Tuberville is gone after 10 years on the Plains.

Jay Jacobs was asked if any member of the board of trustees played a role. Jacobs responded 'none whatsoever.'

Auburn will pay Coach Tuberville $5.1 million in two payments. Jacobs says the money will come out of the school's athletic department budget.