Wiregrass Newsroom: Commission to Vote on Electronic Bingo

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Crews at Country Crossing aren't wasting any time.

While construction is underway for the close to 400-acre site, Houston county commissioners are voting on a big issue for the complex and the county.

"I will say if they put in 2,000 machines, and we get a 1,000 dollar stamp, that will create some revenue that we can do some things with," says Houston County Commission Chairman, Mark Culver.

Houston county legislation states only non-profit organizations can hold permits for charitable bingo. If approved, the permit goes to the Houston Economic Development Association to operate the game at Country Crossing.

But even if the commission votes to grant the permit, that doesn't mean bingo can start when developers are ready. There are preconditions that must be met before the first game can be played.

Developers must make sure seven of the ten venues at the site are complete and operational. They must also have proper insurance for the facility and purchase stamps to place on each bingo machine.

"We wanted to put as many steps in there to make sure everybody did what they're supposed to do to protect us, protect the citizens and protect the community," adds Culver.

After completing the requirements, developers must submit a letter to the commission who then gives the go ahead for bingo to begin.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney