Police Seeking Blue Car and Suspect

Montgomery police say one driver may hold a crucial clue in the investigation of a double shooting that left one woman dead this past weekend.

A gunmen opened fire on two liquor store workers as they were closing up Saturday night. Police have released a sketch of what the killer looks like (see left). Officers say he was wearing khaki shorts and a teal-green shirt. Now police say, one motorist may have the key to bringing the alleged murderer to justice.

A black wreath hangs on the door at the liquor store on Zelda Road. The ABC-owned facility has closed indefinitely. ABC board administrator Randall Smith said, "We have had some robberies before, but I've been here for 21 years and this is the first time we've had someone seriously injured."

After 27 years on the job, 52-year-old Claudine Parker was killed. 24-year-old Kellie Adams was seriously hurt when the gunman opened fire in the parking lot around 7:30 p.m. The workers were outside the store and in the process of locking the door when the shootings occurred.

After the shooting, police say the suspect ran behind Krystal and Captain D's next door, hitting a moving car. They say he placed his hands on the hood. Police describe the car as a blue sedan and they're hoping the driver comes forward.

Sgt. Scott Martino of the Montgomery Police Department says, "There's a possibility of getting some type of evidence, fingerprints, things of that nature (from the car)."

Officials with the ABC board say they will review store safety procedures. But right now, they are focusing on the victim's families. "Everyone is still in just a state of shock right now," said Smith. "I don't know if this has really set in yet as to what has happened. Both families are very upset, grieving. And Kellie's family is awfully concerned about her health."

Hospital officials say Kellie is listed in critical, but stable condition.

If you recognize the suspect or think you may be the owner of that blue car, call the Montgomery Police Department at (334) 241-2232. Or, if you don't want to reveal your name, call the secret witness line at (334) 262-4000.

Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright is issuing a reward of $5,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction.