Auburn Paying Three Former Coaches

Tommy Tuberville, Tony Franklin and Al Borges - former Auburn coaches still on the payroll. "It was the right thing to do," said Auburn Athletics Director Jay Jacobs.

Auburn will honor Tuberville's buyout.  He'll get 5.1 million dollars; half of that coming in 30 days, the remainder in a year. Franklin received the remainder of his $280,000 salary this year and will get the same in 2009.  Auburn will finish paying Al Borges his $325,000 buy out at the end of this year. All together, that's nearly six million dollars not to coach. "Because of the success of our football program and the stewardship of our athletics department, we have that money," said Jacobs.

Athletic Director Jay Jacobs says none of the money for Tuberville's buyout will come from the university. He says,"It will be athletics department money."

Regardless of where the money comes from, how do fans feel about Auburn paying coaches no longer on the sidelines especially considering the state of the economy? One said, "They are under contract. You have to pay them."

Another feels the money "Could be better spent elsewhere."

On top of the former coaches' pay, Auburn will now have to fork out more money for a new coach. Jacob's says there's no price limit. He says,"We're not going to limit ourselves."

Jacob's says that search has already begun. He's already contacted a firm to help find Auburn's next top tiger.