Frequently Asked Questions

Is it going to hurt?

In today's dental practice most all procedures can be performed without pain. We commonly use a topical anesthesia to numb the tissue before we give any injections. Our first injection does not contain epinephrine, which is the chemical that stings as it goes into the tissue. We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), for those who request it. Finally, for those who are extremely anxious about their visit, we can prescribe medication to take before they come in to relax them.

How old should my children be when I first bring them in for a check-up?

Most children need to have their first visit during their third year. Although we may or may not be able to complete radiographs and a cleaning, at least we will be able to recognize any major problems.

How will I pay for it?

We strive to make dentistry as affordable as possible while still being able to give our patients the highest quality of dentistry. In order to do so we have several payment options and we divide each patients treatment plan into phases.

We require payment on the date of service and accept cash, checks, Visa/MC, and Discover. For our patients who have dental insurance we will file primary insurance, and only collect the amount insurance is not estimated to cover on the date of service.

In some situations, a discount will be offered for those who wish to pre-pay for treatment.

A final option that we offer is interest free financing that is available through an outside finance company.