Review Of Partlow Development Center Not Good

A new report out today says the state should close Partlow Development Center. The Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program officials say they found wasted state funds and deplorable living conditions for residents at the Tuscaloosa facility. Partlow, which opened in 1919, is the final institution for persons with intellectual disabilities in operation in the state.

ADAP officials put their findings on a cd titled, "At What Cost." They say they want the state to immediately freeze more than 50 million in funds to the facility, and close it by September of next year.

The State Department of Mental Health released a full page statement saying,"Of the almost 200 residents currently at Partlow, approximately 150 are there at their family's request. The department's long term goal has always been to work with family members and community providers to assist as many individuals as possible to have a life in the community outside of the institutional setting. We will continue to do so."