Two Montgomery Men Living Out Dream With Political Website

By tapping a few keys on the pad, Branden South is living out a dream.

"It is a dream. I love being around politics," said South.

And Stephen Morris feels the same way.

"We have a love for the tech side of things," said Morris.

Morris and South have formed  Call it a social website about politics. Local, state and national, it's all there. If not, it soon will be.

"To break it down even more, anything you want to know about politics, starting a blog, run a campaign or getting the message out there," said Morris, President of

Morris and South say what's unique about this venture is they're not the ones creating the content; no spin and:

"We are as apolitical as possible," said Morris.

For example, Congressman-elect Bobby Bright during his campaign developed his profile and put it on

"Here I can volunteer in his campaign.. I can support his campaign. It's free. He doesn't owe us anything," said South.

But not for long. At some point Branden South and Stephen Morris want to make a profit.

"Like a lot of web-related businesses, it takes time. What's more important to us right now is driving the traffic to," said Morris.

Another neat feature.

"We have a bill tracking system for Congress right now. Anything you want to know about a bill, you can find it here," said Morris.

With tens of thousands of dollars in start up money, Morris and South launched their web business September 15th. They're already among the top three political websites hoping to win the world title in the second annual Mashable's Web Awards Contest. It's sort of like the 'People's Choice' award, voted on by folks who browse the Internet. If you're interested in voting, log on to

"We've come a long way," said Morris.

A long way in less than a year on the worldwide web.