Suspicious Letter Causes Scare at Alabama State Capital

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) --  If you were around the state capitol Monday you may have seen a eerie sight, emergency responders in a flurry of activity.

They rushed to the capitol after a suspicious letter containing a white powder was found in the mail room in the basement of the building.

Now WSFA 12 News has learned this happened in several states and there may be a connection.

Authorities learned of the suspicious letter addressed to the governor about noon.

The state quickly called in the Montgomery Fire Department's Hazardous Materials team and other support personnel to investigate.

A special unit of the National Guard tested the letter and found it did not contain any harmful substances.

"Everything is clear here, again everything here was precautionary, we'd much rather err on the side of safety than we would not have something we needed," said Director of the Alabama Department of Public Safety, Col. Christopher Murphy.

Bob Riley wasn't the only governor targeted.

Investigators say similar letters were sent to the governors of Rhode Island, Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, and Montana.

In Rhode Island, authorities closed the state house so emergency crews could test the letter.

Authorities say each of the letters contained a white powder and may have been postmark in Dallas.

"We'll now begin that criminal investigation coordinating with these other states see whose doing this, why they're doing it and what's the reason behind it," said Col. Murphy.

Murphy says no one was injured, and that the governor was not at the capitol at the time the letter was discovered.

Only two people came into contact with the letter, and after the tests came back negative both were allowed to leave the capital.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis