Dauphin Jr. High Teacher a Class Act

When the bell rings at Dauphin Junior High School in Enterprise, the students in Mr. Vohn Enloe's class better be ready.    "We try to do a lot of hands on fun stuff, when we were learning about motion and gravity we dropped bowling balls from the water tower," Enloe said.

He's taught at Dauphin for 12 years.   This year he's teaching 9-th grade science and he's the winner of the week's Class Act award.   Mr. Enloe tries to stay on the cutting edge of technology to keep up with his students.   And while high tech is important, for him its still about the kids.

"I just like it when the light bulb goes on when they grasp the concept."    He's passionate about what he does and he also has another reason to hope his school is one of the best.  "My kids will be going here soon and I want this to be a place I can send my kids to."

They're solving more than just equations in this class.     Mr. Vohn Enloe's getting these kids ready for the big world and  having fun along the way.    He's this week's Class Act.