Garden Railroad

You could say the railroad business is in his blood.  Dan Harrison grew up in a railroad family.  His dad was in the business for years.   Dad warned his son never to get in the business, but sure enough Dan got a job as a young man making some good money.  Unfortunately that job only lasted 3 days, he was laid off and out of the railroad business for good.  But he never lost his passion.

While he grew up in Winslow, Arizona, Dan now lives in Enterprise, Alabama.    All you have to do is look outside to his passion for the railroad is still chugging right along.   "I took my first train ride at 4 months old, its been in my blood ever since,"  Harrison said.    Back in July of 2000 started building his garden railroad.    It's covered with a huge roof, it has live plants, and 5 trains running through all types of different scenery.

"I've got 653 feet of track running through here."    And he runs the whole operation from his control room.   Check out the rest of the story in the video player on this page.  If you like what you see, Dan says, look him up, and you can come see it in person.