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Ag Comm Sparks meets Presidential Transition Team

MONTGOMERY- Agriculture & Industries Commissioner Ron Sparks returned from Washington, D.C. on Monday after attending meetings with President-Elect Barack Obama's transition team and other leaders in the agricultural community.  

Some of the topics discussed during the meetings included: agricultural commodities, livestock production, international trade, conservation issues, the forestry industry and rural development. 

With the U.S. agriculture industry under tremendous pressure due to the economy and production costs, Sparks welcomed the opportunity to discuss important issues with the future administration.

"It is gratifying to know that the same agricultural issues we have been fighting for in Alabama for years are going to be a top priority for the Obama team," said Sparks.  "Some of the areas of concern at the federal level are issues that in recent years have begun to affect more and more rural areas, such as expanding broadband in rural communities, having access to healthcare and having a sufficient and safe water supply.  We have been addressing solutions to these issues in Alabama for a while.  These are problems facing rural America that must be dealt with.  It is good to know that they feel that concern at the national level."

Sparks previously served on Senator Hillary Clinton's Committee for Rural America.

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