Nice children's toys made by those who've been naughty

Some prison inmates in Louisiana are giving back to those in need this holiday season by creating hand-made wooden toys.

Dan Edwards is one of six inmates at Forcht Wade Correctional Center taking part in the program.

At first glance the wood shop there looks like Santa's workshop.

The prisoners work year-round to produce thousands of wooden toys to make sure less fortunate children have something for Christmas.

Each toy is crafted from wood and hand-painted.

"We are dealing with kids, some are dying, some are very sick, if we can make their Christmas brighter, fine, that is what we are here," said Edwards.

"It makes a big smile on their face, it makes the kids so happy," said Debra Maiden, a case worker at the nearby Philadelphia Center, which helps distribute the toys.

For the prisoners Christmas is just another day, but they say the spirit of the season can be found behind the gates.

The inmates crafted more than 2,000 wooden toys this year.