Wiregrass Newsroom: Enterprise Civic Center Waits for Final Word

Enterprise, AL (WSFA) -- Rain falls on what was once the Enterprise Civic Center.  But now, it's just a building, sitting and waiting, to learn its fate as city officials wait as well.

"It looks as if it will hopefully be a total in the insurance company's eyes as well as ours," says Enterprise mayor, Kenneth Boswell.

Authorities say the cost of the damage is $4 million dollars.   And it's a cost that shouldn't go up even when bad weather strikes.

Mayor Boswell says despite recent heavy rains, the city has already taken the necessary precautions to make sure there's no further damage to the building.

Blue tarps and covered windows are keeping the elements out, but it may be too late to save the civic center.

"The age of the building and the actual cost to bring the building back to today's codes, it would be a very costly venture at this point," says Boswell.

That's why Enterprise leaders are hoping it's deemed a total loss--to use those funds to help progress the "City of Progress."

"We would like to hopefully build another building somewhere in our city.   At that point it gives us the proceeds to be able to do that and take action in that area," adds Boswell.

Planning for a new structure will not start until after the fate of the civic center is determined.