Bagging a 27-point doe

Mike Smith and his 27-point doe
Mike Smith and his 27-point doe

A Kansas hunter has bagged the trophy of a lifetime.

The deer had a 27-point non-typical rack.

While that may not be a record breaker for a buck, this deer was actually a doe.

Mike Smith, of Clay Center, shot the animal last Wednesday on opening day of rifle season.

He didn't know that it was a rare antlered doe.

Smith says when he shot the deer he was certain it was a buck, but then found out the 'he' was in fact a 'she.'

Experts say there's only a one in 6,000 chance a doe will have antlers.

The rack measured about 179 inches and should net score around 164 non-typical inches.

There were 11 points on one side and 16 points on the other.