Alabama Attorney General Launches 'Operation Debt Net'

Alabama Attorney General Troy King
Alabama Attorney General Troy King

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The search is on for Alabama Attorney Troy King, the hunt for more people accused of welfare fraud. So far 50 people have been arrested on felony charges of welfare fraud in 23 counties. Houston County had the most with 6 suspects.

"This operation sends a resounding message that welfare fraud will be prosecuted," said Attorney General King.

King and county sheriffs say the 50 individuals are now in custody and they're accused of stealing a combined amount of more than $160,000. One person allegedly stole $12,000 in Marion County, $11,000 from another suspect in Morgan County.

"They got it by falsifying documents and other various ways," said King.

Operation Debt Net. 50 down and 110 more suspects to locate. If investigators arrest all 160 people, the alleged fraud will be worth more than $639,000.

Attorney General King says those who are convicted can face punishment ranging from fines to jail time.