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Wiregrass Newsroom: Ozark City Schools Planning for New High School

Ozark, AL (WSFA) -- Dance practice in the lobby?  At Carroll High School, adequate space for 791 students and after-school activities is a concern.   But it's not the only example telling the story of why the Eagles need a new home.  

"We have quite a few roof leaks.   The school's not handicapped accessible. We have a hard time handling the technology that we have available," says Carroll High principal, Jacqueline Kelley.

Electronic white boards called smart boards are one way that Carroll is trying to advance technologically, but they're finding it difficult to do so electronically because there's only two electrical outlets in each classroom.

Soon that will change.  School board leaders are currently looking for the perfect site to build the new Carroll High.   And it's a project Superintendent Mike Lenhart says Ozark is ready for.

"I've been into the churches of this city.   I've been into businesses.   Everywhere I go, the conversation always goes to we need a new high school," says Lenhart.

But raising $40 million dollars for the school won't be easy in today's economic climate.

"We're going to go out and look for creative ways to finance. This city is behind building a school and with that kind of a heart in the project beating, we'll find the money," adds Lenhart.

And in the end, Lenhart says preparing Ozark kids for life is key.

"Ozark students are going to be eagles.   And they're going to have their nest be the best nest in the country."

A new nest for many more years of eagle pride.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney

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