Alabama Team to Compete for Top Dog Title

Photo Courtesy of Agile K9
Photo Courtesy of Agile K9

BIRMINGHAM, AL., -- Ready. Set. Go! An Alabama man and his award winning Miniature Schnauzer will be among contenders when the swiftest, most agile dogs in the nation vie for the top spot at the prestigious American Kennel Club Agility Invitational. Webb Anderson of McCalla, Alabama and his Miniature Schnauzer, Nigel, will compete against the top dogs in the country at the Dec. 13-14 event in Long Beach, California.

During the event, Webb and Nigel will run the timed agility course, off-leash, striving for a perfect score of 100. Any missed obstacles or other mistakes result in penalty faults which are deducted from the score. The AKC Agility Invitational will air on cable television's Animal Planet in 2009.

MACH 7 Gala First Class Event, Nigel, a Miniature Schnauzer, has ranked among the Top 5 Agility Miniature Schnauzers throughout his career. He has competed as a finalist at numerous AKC Agility National Championships and represented the United States at the 2007 European Open. Nigel can be seen in action on

Agility, the AKC's fastest-growing canine sport, allows dogs to demonstrate their nimble nature and versatility by maneuvering a challenging course of obstacles, including tunnels, weave poles, jumps and seesaws. The top five ranked agility dogs in each of the 158 AKC recognized breeds are invited to attend this prestigious event. In addition, this competition is open to the qualifying international agility competitors in their respective countries.

Webb and Nigel have competed at the Invitational every year in Long Beach. Webb Anderson is a nationally recognized agility trainer. He owns Performance Plus Canines and has developed a system for training both handlers and dogs in agility. His training facilities are located in McCalla, Alabama and in Canton, Georgia.