Montgomery Mayor Talks About New Job In Washington

Montgomery Mayor Looks Back On 9 Years In Office
Montgomery Mayor Looks Back On 9 Years In Office

In the mayor's office, we found the walls bare for the most part, piles of boxes and the mayor in a reflective mood.

Bryan: "No regrets?"

Bright: "Nothing that gets me in the pit of my stomach, but I wished I could have done more," said Mayor Bobby Bright.

Bright says he has the stomach to take on the challenges of being a congressman. He'll be sworn-in during the height of what many have said is the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression yet Bright says he would absolutely not vote in favor of any bailout for the automotive industry.

"It's not the American way. Let them file for bankruptcy and retool their business," said Bright.

For now Bright is still the mayor and will be until he resigns on January 5th. Bright has just completed the first year of his third term and says he's proud of revitalizing the riverfront.. bringing minor league baseball back and giving the Montgomery Public School District nearly $60 million dollars, money used to build new schools or renovate old ones, money that pushed the city's debt to $275 million.

"I would say that's not unusual. We've issued more bonds. I don't look at it as debt. We've got more investments," said Bright.

As for the next mayor, Bright endorsed former WSFA 12 News anchorman and now an assistant to the mayor, Michael Briddell. Briddell declined an on-camera interview saying he's working on his campaign announcement.

"He's capable. He has the experience and intelligence and he's been here 4-and-a-half-year," said Mayor Bright.

But whoever emerges from what could be a crowded field of candidates, a word of advice from someone who's been there, done that.

"You must be able to bend with the wind but not let it uproot you," said Bright.

Mayor Bright now Congressman-elect Bright has already found a place to live in Washington. He'll be sworn in on January 6th, two weeks before the presidential inauguration.