Shorter Police investigate first murder in 6 years

Shorter, Al. (WSFA) -- It's a story that rocks small town Alabama.

"We haven't had a homicide in at least 6 years," explained Shorter Police Chief Sandor Maloy.

Police say two brothers stopped at the Chevron gas station on Main Street, just off of Exit 22 on Interstate 85.

Soon after, two other men drove up, and things quickly turned violent.

"Two guys pulled up in a white Toyota or a small type vehicle and attempted to rob them," Maloy said.

Authorities say the suspects fired at least seven rounds, striking one of the brothers.

"In the front of the forehead area and above the neck," Maloy described.

The victim, who police say is from East Alabama, ran wounded across Main Street and ended up at the door of the Cold Keg, another gas station.

Witnesses say the man fell to the ground and workers called for help.

The station's owner, Drew Thompson, saw it all unfold.

"Hopefully it will never happen again.  I don't want to see this happen again.  It's just never a good situation to have go on,"

Police say all the men involved are from out of town.

"It's just like a lot of other cases.  It's not a local incident," Thompson said.

"It's people who come from other areas and for whatever reason it happens here."

Now, at least two suspects are on the run.  Investigators say they're doing everything they can to solve this crime.

"Not a lot going on here [in Shorter], but we try to get right on it when we get an incident like this," Maloy explained.

If you have any information that could help investigators, you're asked to call the Shorter Police Department at (334) 797-9190.