How will Chizik win over the Auburn faithful?

Auburn, Al. (WSFA) -- As Gene Chizik takes the reins as head coach of the Auburn Tigers, fans are--simply put--hesitant to hop onto the bandwagon.

"Out of the coaches they interviewed, he wasn't the most qualified, but they hired him anyway, so, yeah, I'm a little sour," explained junior Trey Odom.

Auburn faithful are already making predictions about next year.

"Maybe 7 wins. 6 wins. Maybe a 500 season," said one fan.

Perhaps the biggest concern fans have is whether or not Chizik will have the offensive chops to balance his defensive background.

"We really struggled on offense this year, so I felt that we should go after an offensive coach like Jimbo Fisher or Turner Gill," said junior Clay Plemons.

Some people on the plains still can't get past Chizik's 5-19 record as head coach at Iowa State.

The resounding answer from current players: Just give the guy a chance!

"They don't know that he went to go to Texas and won a National Championship the following year, and all the other great things he's done," said Auburn cornerback Jerraud Powers.

"At the end of the day, you think about it now, you say, 'He's back.  I guess he did keep his promise that he's going to coach us.' Why not make the best of it," explained cornerback Walter McFadden.

With a pledge to hit the ground running, Chizik knows how to gather a fan base.

"The only way you win them over is by winning. That's the bottom line," he said.

Fans are holding out for that 'bottom line.'

"We're going to be bitter for a while. Until he just comes in and proves he can win in the SEC and prove that he can have a good season.  We'll be bitter until then," Odom said.

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