Adam Walsh case closed after 27 years

John Walsh's son, Adam, was murdered 27 years ago.
John Walsh's son, Adam, was murdered 27 years ago.

Police in Hollywood Florida say that after nearly three decades, they have finally solved the murder of 6 year old Adam Walsh- son of America's most wanted host John.

John Walsh and his wife were there as police made the announcement Tuesday and it was with tears in their eyes they talked about their 27 year search for a killer.
The host of America's most wanted John Walsh is no stranger to solving crimes before the cameras but this time it was different. 
For 27 years, Walsh and his wife Reve had been looking for the murderer of their own son, Adam who disappeared from a Hollywood, Florida mall back in 1981 when he was just 6 years old.
His severed head was found 2 weeks, though his body never was.

So when police announced Tuesday, they had finally solved the murder, it was an emotional moment.
Police named convicted murderer and pedophile Ottis Toole their suspect.

Toole had confessed to Adam's murder several times, but always recanted his story.

While, evidence had been lost over the years and without DNA technology, he was never conclusively linked to the crime, until now.
For justice, the announcement comes too late.

Ottis Toole died in prison more than a decade ago.

But for the Walsh's it brings the closure they have been searching for.
Though they vow their fight to find justice for other missing children never will.
Adam's death, and his family's activism on his behalf helped put missing children's' faces on milk cartons, started fingerprinting programs and increased security at schools and stores.