Three year old burglar

A three-year-old wanders into a Dollar Store in Texas, at 3am.
A three-year-old wanders into a Dollar Store in Texas, at 3am.

Surveillance video shows a three-year old child alone and trying to get into a Beaumont family Dollar Store around 3:00am Monday morning.

"It blows my mind.  How would a three-year old end up out in the street in the middle of the night?  How would he be smart enough to push open the door," asked Peter Yannet.

Yet that's exactly what he was able to do thanks to a fortunate mistake by a manager at the store who thought she had locked the door.

"It actually turned out to be a good thing.  The door unlocked, alarm went off, police were able to find the child," said Officer Randy Stevens.

Police officers believe the child wandered away from his home and crossed seven lanes.

He then walked into the store, setting off the alarm.
When officers arrived at the store they found the three-year old child playing with toys.

"It's amazing he was calm while he was in playing with toys," said Yannet.

The parents were notified after police found family looking for the child in this neighborhood.

"There was no neglect on the part of the family. The child knew how to get out of the house. Apparently was familiar with the store," explained Officer Stevens.