Christmas packing tips

Many people are scrambling to ship their holiday gifts and goodies and they drop off some pretty interesting stuff.

Are you up to the shipping challenge?

At the UPS Store, they see it all.

"We see lots of crazy stuff," said UPS worker Thom Dance.

Starting with the packaging, no string or paper allowed.

"All the paper comes tearing off and then this box slides to the end of the conveyor belt with nothing on it," said UPS worker Brice Turner.

No scotch or duct tape because it pulls off very easily.

A used box is also a bad idea.

"It's already weak here.  You can see the creases and the tears," said Turner.

The box will compress and may shatter what is inside.

Newspaper isn't any better so go with bubble wrap and peanuts.

Packed properly, fragile items are safe, but matches are a no no.

So is perfume or cologne because it is liquid and flammable.

Take batteries out of toys.

If the batteries turn on accidentally, they might raise suspicion.

"Sometimes they will open the box.  They will remove the item," said Turner.

An old coffee container is good for holiday treats.

A potato chip tube also works well.

Yes, you can even ship cupcakes, but leave the icing off and send the icing in a sealed container.

If you must send anything frosted, freeze it, and use overnight shipping to keep the frosting in tact.