Wiregrass Newsroom: New Warehouse Increasing Production and Jobs

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- It's the sound of wood manufacturing that employees at Wholesale Wood Products hope to hear for quite a while...especially Jimmy King.

"You always want to grow," says King.

An employee with the company for 20 years, he's thankful these economic times aren't hitting this business hard.

"People are laying off all over the place, and so far we're in pretty good shape," says King.

It's largely due to a 90,000 sq. ft. warehouse the company just bought to help store inventory and free up space for even more manufacturing.

"It's opened up a lot of working area for us and it's a lot easier for us to move material with the extra space," says King.

More production means more work, and hiring twelve more employees.  It's increasing the number of jobs by half.

"We will be adding employees here to increase our production," says President of Wholesale Wood Products Inc., Chuck Harris.

Thanks to the new building the company is able to increase their production by 80%, taking their manufacturing from 600,000 feet of lumber per month to one million feet per month.

It's nine months of planning, and a $1.2 million dollar purchase that's paying off--both now and in the long run

"It has enabled us to keep our machinery, our mill running through some slow times. This building has enabled us to keep employees through this slow time because we have the manufacturing to continue work on.  It's a win-win situation," says Harris.

A win-win situation for the company and those in need of work.

"I think our employees at this point are just glad to know they're going to have a job next week," says King.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney