Mayor Bright attends last city council meeting

By Mark Bullock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - After nearly a decade in the corner office at Montgomery city hall, Mayor Bobby Bright said goodbye to city council members Tuesday. He's on his way next to Washington, D.C. as the congressman-elect for Alabama's second district.

Bright thanked council members for the work they helped him accomplish over the last nine years. In return, they offered him a standing ovation.

"We've butted heads. We've disagreed on many issues," Bright said. "But we also agreed on many issues that mattered."

Issues important to Bright included economic development, especially downtown.

"One of my main goals was to leave the city in a better position than when I started. We've done that," he said.

Bright now passes his duties to council president Charles Jinright, at least until a special election is held.

But even after his arrival in Washington, Bright says Montgomery will always have his hear.

"Whatever I do there, I will be there to help you and help this city," he promised.

Bright resigns as mayor on Monday, January 5th and takes his congressional oath of office the next day.

A long list of government officials and businessmen say they're thinking about running for mayor. The city council will set a date for a special election early next month. It's likely to be sometime in late February.