Prostitution sting nets numerous suspects

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A sting operation has netted nine people in Montgomery for soliciting or promoting prostitution.

Undercover Montgomery police officers arrested seven women and two men in the sting Wednesday.

The female suspects are:

  1. Consuelo S. Bradley, 31 y/o of 3114 Cabot Street
  2. Lisa M. Clarke, 26 y/o, of 3104 Milan Drive
  3. Angela R. Dennis, 40 y/o, of 6749 Carol Court
  4. Bebee Detamphnyranh, 27 y/o, of 649 Chisholm Street
  5. Emily J. Ellis, 24 y/o, of 320 Geary Drive
  6. Leslie R. Parker, 28 y/o, of 302 Gardendale Drive
  7. Alyson Ray, 36 y/o, of 1825 Gibson Street

Police say the women were targeted for conducting prostitution over the internet or on the telephone and where arrested after offering sex for money.

The male suspects are:

  1. Bradley E. Jones, 49 y/o, 729 Dubuque Street
  2. Kevin F. White, 38 y/o, of 6749 Carol Court

Jones and White were arrested for allegedly promoting prostitution after police said the two suspects brough females to a hotel with the intent of making money.

A tenth person, 45-year-old Robin E. Goodson of 936 Lake Region Circle, was also arrested in the operation on two other warrants.