Editorial: The Big Switch

The Big Switch

Over the past year WSFA 12 News has aired hundreds of ads..  and news stories... and  provided phone in hotlines... and published numerous web items... and spoken to civic clubs across the area... all on the subject of what we call The Big Switch...  the government mandated transition from  analog to digital television.  In fact some viewers have complained that we talk about it too much.  Yet it is obvious from the number of calls and the nature of the questions we continue to get , that many people are still not prepared for the February 17, 2009 event.  In fact most  of the calls this week were from  viewers  who had purchased the converter boxes but were having trouble setting them up or receiving the signals.  We urge you NOT to wait until the last minute.  If you 're  getting  your local channels on cable or satellite, your OK.  Otherwise, if you don't have a digital television or a digital converter box set up by February 17th, you won't be able to watch your local television stations.  And we don't want that to happen.   Perhaps an appropriate Christmas gift for a friend or relative with an antenna  might be a converter box... or even a digital TV.