Bank robbery ring busted - Montgomery Alabama news.

Bank robbery ring busted

Marcus Schaefer Marcus Schaefer
Greg Baber Greg Baber
JD Godwin JD Godwin
S. Clark S. Clark

BALDWIN COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - A major bank robbery ring has been busted in south Alabama.

Baldwin County's sheriff says four men armed with assault rifles and body armor robbed four banks in four months.

The suspects are believed to have robbed the Bancorp South Bank in Burkville in Lowndes County in November.

As of Thursday, three of the four men are in custody identified as Marcus Schefer, J.D. Godwin and Greg Baber.

A fourth man is still on the run identified as S. Clark.

During the Burkville robbery the suspects walked into the bank in broad daylight wielding guns and demanding cash, even grabbing a customer to prove they meant business.

They dropped most of the money on the ground outside the bank before stealing a vehicle and escaping.

The sheriff says in addition to getting the suspected robbers of the street, the department was able to take an arsonal of weapons off the street as well.


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