Procedures II

More information on procedures available at Foy and Foy


We provide a full range of restorative procedures. This includes fillings, both silver and tooth color.


We perform almost all of our own root canals in office. This includes front as well as back teeth. The only time we recommend a patient see an endodontist (a root canal specialist) is in the event that we feel the specialist could provide better care in a particular case, or if the patient makes the request.

Oral Surgery

We perform the majority of all the necessary extractions in our practice as well. This includes wisdom teeth. As with endodontics, we only refer the patient to a specialist only if we feel the case necessitates we do so, or if the patient prefers to be sedated.

Fixed Crown and Bridge

The most common way we replace a missing tooth is with a bridge. This involves reshaping the tooth on either side of the space, as if for a crown, and having the lab fabricate two crowns with a pontic (false tooth) in the middle. This is permanently cemented in place and is an extremely long lasting restoration if proper care is taken of the appliance.

Removable Prosthetics

We also replace missing teeth with removable appliances. This ranges from complete dentures to partial appliances. Although we do conventional partials, we also make a newer partial that is held in the mouth by a precision attachment allowing us to get rid of the metal clasps. Also, if teeth are to be removed, we design an immediate appliance so the patient never has to leave the office without teeth.