Waitress shows holiday spirit with her feet!

Christy Packer has waited tables for the better part of 40 years, and for 16 of those at the Jimmy's Egg restaurant in Oklahoma City.

You can always tell the newcomers there because they look at the menu, but you can really tell the regulars in this place, because they always glance down to see what kind of socks Christy is wearing.

Since buying her first pair for herself and another waitress 15 Christmases ago Christy has amassed more than 500 pair.

"I don't throw any away. I just keep the very first ones that were ever bought for me right down to yesterday when those were brought to me from New York," she explained.

She keeps them in plastic tubs at home and most have a Christmas theme.
She has roughly 100 pair of Christmas socks a lot of Halloween socks, too.

Her regular customers are always coming in with new socks from their travels across the globe.

Thanks to a Christmas tradition that began a couple thousand waitress shifts back, Christy's sock trademark seems to make a lot of other people feel pretty good.