Adolf Hitler Campbell gets his birthday cake

Adolf Hitler Campbell's birthday cake creates an uproar.
Adolf Hitler Campbell's birthday cake creates an uproar.

More fallout after a Pennsylvania supermarket refuses to put a child's name on his birthday cake. The little boy's name is Adolph Hitler Campbell.

While the market said no, Wal-Mart decorated the cake as ordered.

And now, some customers are furious.

His story has become a world-wide sensation.

Three-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell denied a personalized birthday cake because of his name.

Last week, employees at this Warren County, New Jersey ShopRite refused to decorate a cake with the name "Adolf Hitler" on it but those at the Wal-Mart in lower Zazareth Township honored the request.  A decision the company now seems to regret.

According to a Wal-Mart spokesman, the company has received complaints from customers offended that the store would make a cake bearing the Nazi ruler's name.

A Wal-Mart shopper says "I wouldn't make the cake - I thought it was something we wouldn't see in this century.

It's now reviewing its decorating policy that, up until now, only banned profanity.

A Wal-Mart shopper says "they should have better sense."

While many Wal-Mart shoppers question the store's decision to make the cake, others  wonder where do you draw the line on what's offensive and what's freedom of speech.

Shopper Denise Ackley says "I hate it I hate it but how can you say they aren't allowed. If you are going to allow these freedoms that are in our constitution, sometimes it goes against what we believe."

Shopper Paul Lambert says "if his parents named him Jesus Christ, I'm sure they would put Jesus Christ on the cake."