Obama increases jobs goal to 3 million

WASHINGTON (AP) - President-elect Barack Obama says he wants to create or save 3 million jobs in the next two years. That's a-half million more than his earlier goal and reflects the worsening outlook for the economy.

Obama transition officials say the president-elect set the more ambitious target this week after meeting with his top economic advisers in Chicago. They're concerned that, with the current pace of unemployment, more than 9 percent of the workforce could be looking for jobs.

During the campaign, Obama said he wanted to save or create a million jobs. Just last month he set the two-year target at 2.5 million.

The president-elect and his family have begun a holiday in Hawaii, and his advisers will be using his guidance to prepare a stimulus plan for when he returns the day after New Year's. It's expected to include major new federal investments in health care, education and energy.

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