Montgomery pastor's daughter-in-law: recovery miracle

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) -- It's a level of progress no one fully expected.

"It's something that, even a couple of months ago, we just couldn't have imagined being able to happen," said Jason Wolf, son of First Baptist Church pastor Jay Wolf.

Jason and his wife Katherine made a very long trek from California for a family wedding in Montgomery Saturday, just eight months after she suffered a massive brain hemorrhage.

"We've been through an experience we never could have imagined going through at 26 and with a 1 year old baby," Wolf said.

It started back in April.  A pre-existing condition in Katherine's brain caused a rupture.  Doctors performed complicated surgery for 13 hours.

After that, came a long road to recovery, but Katherine proved she was more than up to the challenge.

"It's a long journey.  It's like a mountain climb, and she is on this marathon, just clawing her way out of this treacherous ditch," said Pastor Jay Wolf, Katherine's father-in-law.

Through extensive care and therapy, she's able to stand, talk, and hold her child.

Family members say it's a true miracle Katherine's even alive.

"The Lord works all things for his good, so we're seeing that every day and it's a daily process of trusting Him," Jason Wolf said.