Selma teen murdered after local dance

Selma, Ala. (WSFA) -- A night of celebration quickly turned to tragedy.

Friday night, police say a 17 year-old gunned down Rahameen Garner, 16, of Selma.

Witnesses say it all started at Selma's Brown YMCA.  They say a fight between Garner and the alleged gunman during a dance quickly escalated just a few blocks away.

Police believe a 17 year-old boy shot Garner in the chest along the 1900 block of Lauderdale Street.

Garner ran as far as he could, according to witnesses, and collapsed near a home a block and a half away.

"After that, it was just full of crime scene investigators and detectives everywhere," explained Ralph Tabb, who lives across the street.

So, what led up to the shooting?

Authorities and witnesses say cash had something to do with the crime.

"One boy had more money than another boy, and it got started about that," said Jermery Johnson, who attended the dance.

Garner's murder leaves residents nervous and disappointed in younger generations.

"Times are just different. When I was coming up, there wasn't this much killing going on," Tabb said.

Now, two families are changed forever.

"One's dead, another's spending the rest of his life in jail. That's the sad part," Tabb explained.

Police say the alleged gunman, 17, will be tried as an adult, charged with murder.  Authorities will not release the teen's name until he's officially declared an adult in court.