Wiregrass Newsroom: Fireworks Sales Expected to Boom

Gordon, AL (WSFA) -- Fifty years--that's how long Curtis Smith has sold fireworks.   And despite what may look like a slumping economy, the owner of Holiday Fireworks says there's good news for the new year.

"We're pleased with the sales so far.   We've got a little increase over last year.   So I think we're going to have a good year," says Curtis.

A good year that all starts with this week.  As New Year's Eve nears, Smith is expecting business to boom.

"What does it mean for us?  It means we can pay our bills!" says Smith.

Paying the bills shouldn't be a problem, especially if customers continue spending like they have in the past.

Workers at Holiday Fireworks say the bulk of their sales this year aren't coming from little fireworks, but rather big ones that can cost up to $90 dollars each.

"It's more and more going for the bigger stuff.  A lot of bang for your buck there too," says Smith.

But Holiday Fireworks isn't the only one seeing steady sales.   Just down the street, JR's says it's doing better than expected.

"People are still spending just the same as they always [have].   It's kind-of unusual the way things have been going.   I think people are spending a little bit more than we think they are," says JR's manager, Carol Crum.

The prediction for Wednesday?

"New Year's Eve, yes...very packed probably," says Crum.

And after years of them, Smith still gets a thrill.

"I shoot some firecrackers, fireworks, yeah sure!  I like the big artillery shells.   I get serious with it ya know!"

Serious fun in a fun business.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney