Allstate Study Ranks Teen Driving Fatalities during Holidays

Montgomery, Ala. (WSFA) --  A study released by Allstate Insurance ranks Alabama sixth in the country for the number of fatal accidents involving teen drivers between Christmas and News Years day.

As the parent of a teen Gary Kirksey pays close attention to this type of news.

"That doesn't really surprise me at all, I have an 18 year old at home so I can understand why it would be so high, " said Kirksey

The study showed between 2000 and 2007; 31 fatal crashes involving teen drivers occurred on Alabama highways.

"I mean it's bad around the holidays with people drinking and driving," says Jeni Laliberte.

"We Impress upon the importance of being extra careful and just paying attention to what he's doing while he's on the road," added Kirksey.

The study also found that Birmingham was among the top ten deadliest cities for fatal teen crashes on New Years Eve and New Years day.

"I just think parents need to be aware of what their kids are doing when they're 18 and 19 and 20 your not going to be able to follow them around I understand that but just communication with your kids I think is important even when they're that age," explained Kirksey.

On average around 6,000 teens die every year in car crashes, with another 300,000 being injured.

Driver error, speeding and distractions are the main causes of teen accidents.

Reporter: Daniel Curtis