White Hall mayor has different opinion on electronic gaming

WHITE HALL, AL., (WSFA) -- Monday, Governor Riley announced the creation of a task force to investigate illegal gambling in Alabama saying that electronic gaming is no good for the state.

Gov. Riley stated that "when it comes back to what would benefit the people of Alabama its truly table scraps, they do this for one reason and that's to expand gambling to line their own pockets."

However the mayor of White Hall sees it a different way. Mayor John Jackson says the city has progressed more in three years than in the past twenty, and it's all due to electronic bingo.

Jackson says he wanted to highlight the positives that bingo can bring to a city when it's done by the book.

"Now we're working on a plaza. There's going to be a shopping area, a gymnasium for the Jackson Steele School and hopefully within a few months they're going to build a hotel and a restaurant to connect to this facility", said Jackson.

The new hotel and restaurant would create over 200 new jobs. And Jackson says a second hotel is the works as well.

In three years, they've built a four point five million dollar community center, donated money to over 53 charities, and are planning a lot more in the city in the coming year.

"The impact is going to be great and we see it coming", Jackson added.