Arrest in 3 Year Murder Investigation

One of the most anticipated murder arrests, now on the books at the Autauga County Sheriff's Department.

Three years of blood, sweat and tears can be seen on the case file for the murder investigation of Patricia Lasserre.

She was found on Autauga County Road One on December 19th, 2005 strangled to death.

That's when the department threw all their resources in motion to bring Lasserre's killer to justice.

Now, the hard work has come to fruition, and 45 year old Clifford Wynn will be tried for her death.

Sheriff Herbie Johnson says "It was several pieces of evidence we had that came together that we used to make our arrests."

Although the he couldn't hand over what exact evidence that set Wynn apart from the others, Sheriff Johnson said he had to know his time on the streets wouldn't last much longer. "I don't think he knew we were that close to him, but I think people like that, they know they are going to get caught, I think he did too."

The sheriff says the best part of the arrest wasn't seeing the suspect booked in the Autauga County Jail, it was a phone call he had been preparing to make for three long years.  "It was like a Christmas present to the Sheriff's Office to call Mr. Lasserre, that we made the arrest for his wifes murder."