One Year Anniversary of Curtis Jackson Murder

Montgomery, Ala (WSFA) --  It happened late New Year's Eve 2007.

7 year old Curtis Jackson was killed by a stray bullet in Montgomery's Gibbs Village and on the anniversary of his death police are still looking for the shooter.

Police are also encouraging residents to play it safe as they ring in the new year.

One year after the tragic death of 7 year old Curtis Jackson, police are still working hard to find the person responsible for this crime.

"We're hoping still though that someone will come forward with the information necessary to arrest a person responsible for this tragic death," says Capt. Huey Thornton, of the Montgomery Police Department.

Jackson was outside his Gibbs Drive apartment when a bullet struck him in the head.

Police considered celebratory gunfire as a cause, but one year later they still haven't ruled it out.

"I heard bullets and stuff like flying, like they was flying past me, popping on the porch and stuff," said his cousin Kendrick Maull, just days after the shooting.

"I just can't rectify why someone would be firing a gun at that time of night," said Curtis Jackson Sr.

Now as Montgomery prepares to ring in another new year, police are urging citizens not to fire senselessly into the air.

"You may start out just firing a weapon as a form of celebration but end up killing someone and being in prison for the rest of your life over something that's like not necessary," says Thornton.

Law enforcement urge if you have any information about the death of Curtis Jackson to call crimestoppers at 215-STOP.