Wiregrass Newsroom: Despite Slowing Home Sales, Housing Market Stable

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Naesha and Bilaal Porter are buying a house.

"Jumping right in! This is really a blessing," they say.

A blessing--with interest rates holding around five percent, and prices dropping, the Porters are taking advantage of a buyer's market.  It's something they say wasn't always the case.

"If we were placed in Dothan maybe two years ago, we may not have been able to buy. The first day we got here, we had about 15 houses to go look at. We just hit the ground running and we haven't stopped since, so now hopefully we're done," says Naesha.

Done.  After looking at more than 85 homes and endless options.

Realtors say the Dothan area saw about 600 to 700 homes up for sale two years ago. Now that number has jumped to 925. But despite more homes up for grabs, they say the market is still strong.

"The feel has been kinda cautious, but we're still a very good value.  And so we see people wanting to still get into this market. You sell some, you get some back. So you see the market staying stable," says Coldwell Banker realtor, Elise Campbell.

It's stability commercial and residential realtors believe will increase in 2009.

"I think middle part of the year, you'll start seeing south Alabama real estate, maybe the whole state coming out of slow times, and building back up. In 2010, I think we'll be back to normal," says Coldwell Banker Commercial broker, Danny Sharp.

It's hopefully back to normal in 2010.  But for the Porters, they say the current housing market couldn't be better.

"A good home, a happy wife, a happy husband, a happy life!"

Reporter: Melissa McKinney