Wiregrass Newsroom: Alabama State Troopers Cracking Down to Reduce Fatalities

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- You may want to think twice before speeding in Alabama, because where you are, state troopers could be also.

"Anywhere in the state of Alabama you go, you're going to see a new increase in enforcement throughout this whole year," says Dothan Trooper Post commander, Captain Ricky Peak.

It's increased enforcement that's all part of a new program called Safety Two which is designed to reduce the number of deaths in each Alabama county by two--a goal that would save 134 lives in 2009.

"First part of January we're gonna start and we're not gonna let up until December 31st. It's all about saving lives," says Peak.

The Dothan Trooper Post is already on the right track.  They're down 20 fatalities from last year, but they say saving even more lives starts with you.

"We're trying to change driving behavior.  And that's what we have to do. If you're on the road and you know what the speed limit is, we're asking people to drive the speed limit because we're still finding that speeding and DUIs are still a major cause of our fatalities," says Peak.

Drivers will see an increase in roadside checks, driver's license checkpoints, and speed enforcement. But it's all in an effort to get your attention.

"We're going to be using all the tools that we have, and trying to change driving behavior through enforcement. And hopefully we'll be able to reach our goal at the end of the year.

It's something Eufaula resident, Earl Pahr, says could be good for the roads.

"I think it means more safety. I think it's a sense, just being visually there, it keeps us all minding our P's and Q's.  If that cruiser [is] out there, be it state, county, local... I'm happy."

Troopers say they plan to monitor traffic statistics and results each month, just to make sure what they're doing is making a difference out on the road.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney