ASU study: Fewer Alabamians with health insurance

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As the economy dips further into recession a new study shows that Alabamians are losing their health insurance.

Alabama State University's Center for Leadership and Public Policy says a recent survey finds that fewer Alabamians had health insurance in 2008 than in 2007.

The study, which surveyed 403 random Alabama residents over a six-week period in late 2008, found that 80% of households had insurance in 2008, down from 83% the previous year.

Those who didn't have insurance said the main reasons were 1.) no employment or 2.) they just couldn't afford it.

ASU's study reveals that of those who were insured 50% said their employer was the source of their insurance while another 25% said insurance came through a family member's employer. The remaining 25% said they purchased their own insurance.

The drop in coverage is affecting those who are younger and have smaller incomes. ASU's study found that 56% of respondents with no health insurance were under the age of 41 and had incomes of less than $25,000.

The study included a breakdown of uninsured Alabamians by race. Of those who said they were not insured 48% were Caucasian and 42% were African-American.

ASU says it has a confidence level in the study of 95% and a confidence interval of plus or minus 4.9%.