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Halloween Safety Tips

Keep safe this Halloween with these important safety tips.

For Parents

  • Young children should be accompanied by an adult
  • Older children should have a set time to be home and should have a way of contacting you if they need anything (i.e. cell phone, etc.)
  • Make sure your children's costumes are made of flame retardant materials
  • Have a talk with your children about not talking to strangers
  • Have children bring all candy home before they eat it.  Inspect it first.
  • You should know exaclty where your children are trick-or-treating and how long they will be out

For Children

  • Stay in familiar neighborhoods
  • If younger, stay with your guardian at all times
  • Don't run in the streets or across driveways
  • If you have trouble see through your costume, remove the mask when walking from house to house
  • If you have props (plastic knives, swords, etc.) be extra careful around other children
  • Wear reflective clothing or reflective tape on your costume
  • Only trick-or-Treat in houses that are lit
  • Carry a flashlight to see in the dark
  • Stay away from pets that you don't know.  They scare easy and may accidentally bite you
  • Travel with a group of friends and their parents so you can have fun together
  • DO NOT talk to strangers or leave the sight of your parents to go with a stranger

For Homeowners

  • Clear your yard of debris (rakes, tires, pots, sprinklers/hoses) that may cause a child to trip and hurt his/herself
  • Instead of real candles in the Jack-O-Lanterns, try battery powered candles
  • Keep your yard and porch well lit so children can see their way to your door
  • Give away treats that are prewrapped so parents know they are safe

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