Rogers sworn in for 111th Congress: Says strengthening economy Congress' top priority

WASHINGTON, D.C., (WSFA) -- Standing on the floor of the House of Representatives today, Congressman Mike Rogers was sworn in as the Third District's Congressional representative in Washington. This marks the beginning of Rogers' fourth two-year term representing East Alabama in Congress.

"In these tough economic times, I am humbled and honored to be given the opportunity again to serve as East Alabama's voice and representative in the United States Congress. I hope folks will continue to contact my office with their concerns and needs," Rogers said

Rogers said strengthening our nation's struggling economy should be Congress' top priority. "Congress must do all it can to help create good paying jobs and keep taxes low," he said, adding he will continue to monitor closely the details of President-elect Obama's public works economic stimulus plan for possible benefits for the Third District.

With our nation still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Congressman Rogers says he will continue to do all he can to help provide sufficient funding for our nation's military, as well as continue to strongly advocate for the Third District's military installations. "Our brave men and women serving our country must be equipped with the best possible equipment as they fight on our behalf," he said.

Although gas prices have recently fallen recently, Rogers says he plans to continue working tirelessly with local farmers across East Alabama and institutions like Auburn University and Tuskegee University to help develop new forms of alternative energy.  "Our nation must not lose sight of our need to become energy independent. Long term, ending our dependence on foreign oil will mean new jobs and a stronger economy," Rogers added.

Rogers said he also plans to continue doing what he can to strengthen Social Security and Medicare for East Alabama's seniors, and continuing to secure our porous borders.