Editorial: Feedback

Our editorial on Senate Staffing and budget concerns drew quick response.

Susan Stover emailed:  "I think they should lessen their own salary - proration."

Manuel Edino emailed:  "Your comments were right on the money.  I would go one step further, with a trillion dollar deficit looking ahead the same applies to our representatives in Washington, D.C. from the president on down.

And Tina Powell emailed: "The State Education budget process needs to be revised.  The State develops the Education budget based on projections of future revenue, with anticipated increases, not actual previous year revenue.  Why budget based on anticipated increases with the economy in crisis?  When the funds fall short, the local public education students and employees are the ones who suffer the major cuts.   I realize that this is how our state law is set up but it is fiscally irresponsible and should be corrected.   Businesses in the private sector and we as individuals would not survive under these budgeting practices.  As citizens of Alabama, we should all demand that our legislators make it a priority to revise the education budgeting process this session.  Our children should not suffer for the State's poor financial practices."

We appreciate all of your feedback.