Ladonia Teacher is a Class Act

"If I can get a child interested, if I can make them remember something, I will use any technique," says Yvonne Amerson. She teaches third grade at Ladonia Elementary. Her students are mastering the techniques for good writing, by learning all of the rules.

"You capitalize the first letter in the sentence and you put the right punctuation mark at the end," says third grader Simone Nichols.

Once Amerson's students learn a rule they seldom forget it, because she uses a combination of hand gestures and phrases to lock lessons into their minds. "What's a statement?," she asks her kids.

"A statement is a sentence that tells you something; and ALWAYS ends with a period," they respond, as they make exaggerated motions with their hands.

The Amerson technique has proven effective throughout her 25 years of teaching. She can create a phrase and gesture spontaneously. "It just comes to me, it's something that's natural for me to do. I guess I'm silly; and I like to be silly; but when I'm silly they love it and they remember what I'm talking about," she says.

Principal Charles Nacrelli says, "parents love her, the staff loves her. She just motivates everyone and makes you laugh everyday."

Amerson is the sponsor of Ladonia's checkers club. It builds sportsmanship and strategy. She's also headed up the school's newspaper and parent's day committees.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell