Wiregrass Newsroom: Houston County Considers Increasing Court Costs

By Daniel Curtis - bio | email

Dothan, Ala. (WSFA) -  These tough economic times are forcing many of us to find new ways to save money; but many city and counties have to spend money on needed services that we require.

In an effort to come up with new revenue Houston County is considering a new court fee.

A slowing economy is making it tough for many counties in Alabama.

Now Houston County may have a solution to help their decreased revenues.

The county commission is considering a state legislation request from the district attorney to increase court costs.

"It's a very difficult time not just for the county but for everyone we represent to," says Mark Culver, chairman of the Houston County Commission.

The new proposal is a twenty dollar fee that would be assessed to those found guilty in criminal and civil cases; ten dollars would go to the county, nine dollars goes to the district attorney's office and one dollar to the circuit clerk.

"We have got to have some revenue enhancement if we're going to continue to provide the services that we have," said Culver.

"It's a good piece of legislation simply because it puts the costs back on the bad guy and it's going to help relieve the burden on the taxpayers and the people who are good citizens of the community," said John Powell, Dothan Chief of Police.

If the county does approve this request for the increased court costs it would like to present to the legislature in the first week of session.

The Houston County commission will vote on this request during the regular meeting Monday.