Multiple arrests in Montgomery drug operation - Montgomery Alabama news.

Multiple arrests in Montgomery drug operation

Kerwin Turner Kerwin Turner
Kendrick Turner Kendrick Turner
Kenith Gholston Kenith Gholston
Leighton Anderson Leighton Anderson
Rayburn Anderson Rayburn Anderson

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Several suspects, illegal drugs and a stolen handgun are off the streets today thanks to a special operation by the Montgomery Police Department.

Residents living on Happiness Avenue complained to authorities about drug activity in the area and undercover officers moved in to take down suspects at two homes.

Rayburn Anderson, 29, and Leighton Anderson, 33, both of 3853 Happiness Avenue found themselves behind bars after a search of the home turned up nearly 6 pounds of marijuana, 6 grams of powder cocaine and other drug related items.

Down the street at 3814 Happiness Avenue officers found 22 grams of marijuana, ecstacy pills and a stolen .38 caliber handgun. Residents Kendrick Turner, 22, and Kerwin Turner, 21, were arrested. Kerwin Turner was on probation at the time of arrest and authorities are seeking federal firearms violations on him.

A fifth man, 29-year-old Kenith Gholston of 605 Heath Drive, was arrested after officers discovered he had 16 warrants including two for failure to appear in court from the Montgomery Sheriff's Department.

All photos courtesty of the Montgomery Police Department

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