Wiregrass Newsroom: Supporters Brave the Rain for Country Crossing

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Cheering rang loud through Rip Hewes stadium as people from across Alabama, Georgia, and Florida took a stand.

They braved the rain for a chance to show support. Some, like Judith Price, even driving hundreds of miles to attend the rally.

"I think Country Crossings is the best thing that could ever happen to Houston county, Alabama," says Price.

It's a support rally coming on the heels of Governor Riley's illegal gaming task force initiative--one many are questioning fearing a ban on electronic bingo could keep Country Crossing from happening.

"He's already bought the property, they've already had the groundbreaking, and now he's [Gov. Riley] going to come up with this?" says supporter Judy Sevec.

"This should send a message to our Governor, we want this here," says Roger Hussey.

"If Governor Riley is going to try to ban Country Crossings with electronic bingo than he also needs to ban Shorter, Alabama," says Price.

Todd Stacey with the Governor's office says, "there have been claims that the Governor's task force is aimed to stop the development of Country Crossing. That's simply not true.  This task force is charged with doing one thing: enforcing state laws against gambling. As long as Mr. Gilley isn't breaking the law, he and his investors have nothing to worry about. "

Still, some say gambling should be a personal choice.

"The people that don't want to go, don't go," says one Country Crossing supporter.

"if you don't want to go, stay home. If you want to go, go. It's called freedom of choice," says Hussey.

"Those who are opposed to it, if they want to go, fine.  If they don't, it's just a choice that we have," adds Price.

But for those at the rally...their choice is clear.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney